5 Celebrities Who Found Love After Rehab


5 Celebrities Who Found Love After Rehab

3. Nicole Richie: Nicole Richie had a bad-girl reputation which eventually landed her in rehab after getting DUIs in 2003 and 2006. Richie’s life turned around for her, especially when she landed in the arms of current love, Joel Madden. Since then she’s been happy and healthy with Madden, abandoning her old rebellious ways, and creating a family. The couple has two children together, and Richie has been beaming in love and joy since.

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4. Kirsten Dunst: Kirsten Dunst checked herself into rehab after falling into depression in 2008. Ever since checking out, she’s been living a healthy and happy life with her current boyfriend and On The Road costar, Garrett Hedlund. The actress seems to have had a successful recovery, and has been spotted with a huge smile across her face and in the arms of her beau. There’s nothing a little love can’t resolve.

5. Kate Moss: Stunning model Kate Moss checked into rehab in 2005 after she was caught in possession of drugs. She split from then-boyfriend Pete Doherty when he checked out of rehab after failing to better himself. Moss on the other hand left rehab healthier and happier, finding love with The Kills guitarist Jamie Hince. Since then, she has gotten married and has remained in love and more beautiful than ever.

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