iPhone 5 Madness: Would You Date A Guy Without A Smartphone?


A Motorola RAZR can be a turn-off in this day and age.

2. There are downsides to dating a guy with a smartphone. You've heard of the football widow? Well, there are also iPhone football widows. They are the wives and girlfriends of men who can't stop checking the score on their phones ... even during dinner. - Rachel, Associate Editor, YourTango Experts

3. I actually completely hate how ridiculously addicted my boyfriend is to his phone. We can't get through dinner or even a conversation without him having to constantly check-in on Facebook or text something. Yes, I think it's important to be connected, but there comes a point where it's almost an obsession. I don't think having a fancy phone is really important at all. Any phone to just get in touch when necessary is perfect. I mean do we really need to be Facebook-stalking 24/7? - Emily C., intern



1. I think it's quaint. It would be a pain staying at her house and not being able to charge my iPhone but I could bring my own charger, I suppose. - Tom, General Manager

2. Dating a guy without a smartphone is the same as dating a much younger guy. You are the one who makes all the decisions and you get to feel like you're smarter, which is not a bad thing at all! - Sarah R., YourTango reader

3. Honestly, I've never really thought about it as a dealbreaker. My boyfriend has a smartphone and did when we started dating, but it wasn't something I was consciously thinking about. But, we are long distance so both of us having a smartphone makes it WAY easier to talk to each other more, since we can use Facebook and Skype in addition to texting. - Laura W., intern

How about you? Are you running out to get the iPhone 5 or are you happy with your old flip phone? Would you date a guy who doesn't own a smartphone?

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