Busy Day? 5 Ways To Stay Energized

busy woman

A working woman's tips on how to refuel throughout a busy day.

4) Walk around outside sans technology.

Like most people who sit in front of a computer all day, I find myself eating most lunches (and sometimes dinners) in front of a computer. It's a bad habit that's going to be hard to break. Until then, I force myself to be physically active once I start zoning out. I unplug every afternoon to take a walk outside. I don't respond to email or make phone calls during said walk. I just walk around and see what excites me. Sometimes I window shop. Sometimes I lean against a building and just feel the sun or wind. Sometimes I run easy errands and strut around like the Queen of Getting Stuff Done. This middle of the workday time is all for me.

5) Don't deviate on the weekends.

I try to follow the above steps every day, including weekends. That's right. I'm a night owl who doesn't sleep in.

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This is a sponsored post, produced in collaboration with Bliss and Starbucks. I received a Starbucks Refreshers sample to review. The opinions shared in this post are my own.


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