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Love Bytes: Just How Adventurous In Bed Are You?


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"So, I thought tonight we could try something different."
Plus, how to get sexier AND happier in under a minute.

Most of us would like to be GGG ("good, giving and game" in Dan Savage parlance), but what if your dude or chick wants something really, really weird in the bedroom (or kitchen or trunk of a car)? How do you push your limits without winding up WAY over your head — or as the protagonist in a very poorly written yet wildly popular novel? (College Candy)

A love triangle ends in a bomb threat hoax. (Huffington Post)

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Step one: Get stood up for a date. Step three: burn to death in a crumbly, old wedding gown. You must find out what step two is or share its fate. (The Gloss)

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Do you have to find your partner irresistible? (Madame Noire)

Honey, we're gonna need a bigger piggybank. How to combine finances! (LearnVest)

8 reasons why waiting for sex is dynamite! (Essence)

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Is Secretary 40 times better than Fifty Shades Of Grey? (Em & Lo)

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