Love Bytes: 10 Things Your Guy Should Be Doing To Make You Happy


Plus, 7 signs you can be friends with your ex.

Wouldn't it be great to be friends with your good exes? In a land of flowers and milkshakes and puppy breath, we would always be besties. But in real life, sometimes the feelings get hurt. 7 signs you can still be buds with your ex. (College Candy)

Threesome. Florida. Gunfire. SWAT raid. (Huffington Post)

Great relationship observations from funny ladies on Twitter. (Glo)

You must watch this video: "Gangnam Style!" (The Stir)

Ho-hum. A bloody, fake death and a real marriage proposal. (The Gloss)

Besides holding your hair while you puke, 10 things he should be doing to make you happy. (Essence)

You can be gay and strongly anti-Obama. (The Daily Beast)

Home weddings can be more expensive. (LearnVest)

Do you keep falling in love with your ex? (TresSugar)

Want to argue about money less? (Parenting)

And, the 9 most insensitive rape comments by right-wingers. (

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