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Love Bytes: 10 Things Your Guy Should Be Doing To Make You Happy


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Does your guy make you happy?
Plus, 7 signs you can be friends with your ex.

Wouldn't it be great to be friends with your good exes? In a land of flowers and milkshakes and puppy breath, we would always be besties. But in real life, sometimes the feelings get hurt. 7 signs you can still be buds with your ex. (College Candy)

Threesome. Florida. Gunfire. SWAT raid. (Huffington Post)

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Besides holding your hair while you puke, 10 things he should be doing to make you happy. (Essence)

You can be gay and strongly anti-Obama. (The Daily Beast)

Home weddings can be more expensive. (LearnVest)

Do you keep falling in love with your ex? (TresSugar)

Want to argue about money less? (Parenting)

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