5 Ways Sandra Fluke's DNC Speech Made History For Women

5 Ways Sandra Fluke's DNC Speech Made History For Women
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Powerful quotes and video from the Georgetown Law student's Democratic National Convention speech.

If only I could give Sandra Fluke a high-five right now! As a fellow American woman, I've been fuming over the incredibly disrespectful, ignorant, and downright detestable comments Rush Limbaugh made about the Georgetown Law University student since that oafish blowhard called her a "slut" on the air back in February (for daring to voice her opinion that universities should provide contraception coverage).

Oh, how I've been fuming — and waiting, waiting for the moment when Fluke would have the opportunity to make Limbaugh look like a bigger fool than ever (dang, that's a big fool!). Then, just a few hours ago, that seemingly endless wait was finally over. Sandra Fluke took the stage at the Democratic National Convention — the very same Sandra Fluke who was accused by Rush Limbaugh of "having so much sex she can't afford the contraception" — and wiped the floor with Limbaugh and the rest of his misinformed, misogynist kind.

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