Celebrity Couples That Have a Kid-Free Marriage


Celebrity Couples That Have a Kid-Free Marriage

3. Fergie and Josh Duhamel: Let’s forget about the fact that Josh Duhamel was accused of cheating on Fergie, since she has decided to forget about the matter herself, and instead focus on the dream-fulfilling marriage these two now have—literally. Nine years ago, Fergie read a tabloid about a dream that Duhamel had about her, and she later asked him if it was a good dream. His answer eventually led them to a marriage. Though they’ve been married for four years now and want to start a family, they still remain kid-free. Time’s ticking away, so they’d better hurry before it’s too late!

4. Rachel Ray and John Cusimano: Lately, the only coverage Rachel Ray and John Cusimano have been getting isn’t so happy. Though you can’t always believe everything you hear, the rumor mill has been churning up reports of a potential split for this couple. Even before these rumors, however, the two had no plans of parenthood. Ray says that she puts too many hours into her career to even consider having time to raise a child. Parenthood just isn’t in the cards for this couple, and if the rumors are true it might be for the better!


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5. Jay Leno and Mavis Leno: It only took Jay Leno three days after meeting Mavis to know that he wanted to marry her, but she wasn’t even sure she ever wanted to marry anyone. After falling in love, she married Leno on the same day his parents were married. In the thirty years they’ve been married, they have always been sure about keeping their marriage child-free. The couple admits that they simply have zero interest in being parents.