Reality Bites: MTV's Robb Schreiber On Hookups & Being Cheated On


MTV's Robb Schreiber
'The Real World St. Thomas' star tells us about dating and partying it up in front of the cameras.

On his Real World crush, Marie
For those who watch the show, we see Robb cozying up with castmate Marie, whom he has matching "Hakuna Matata" tattoos with. 

"I was super surprised," he says of their hookup. "Initially, she was the only person who smoked and drank every day, and we became best friends. We were with each other so much, it formulated into something else. I would bet money that me and her would never get together, but it happened."


We wonder: when the two head to Turkey for the upcoming MTV Challenge, will they stay on that friends-with-benefits kick? "All I can say is that we remain close -- we were on the same page."

On reality vs. made-for-television drama
When we ask about the authenticity of The Real World, Robb is quick to explain: "The only thing that showed differently was that Brandon got a really weird rap. Iwish it would've been shown how close Brandon and I got during the first two weeks. He was my best guy friend the whole time. Other than that, the show is 99.9 percent accurate." 5 Couples Destroyed By Reality TV

So, all the hookup and cheating drama? That was for real. And Robb clearly can't get enough of the reality TV experience. You can catch him next on The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons II, where he says he "fit in more" with his castmates. "I love to compete, I love to test myself," he says. "I'm a gamer. I love it. I'll probably do another if the chance presents itself."

Catch The Real World: St. Thomas tonight at 10PM on MTV, and MTV's Challenge: Battle of the Seasons 2 beginning September 19. Tune in next week when we sit down with The Challenge veteran Melinda Stolp.

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