Getting Your Own Back


Getting Your Own Back
Revenge is a desert best served cold - and with a generous side dish of imagination.

But it wasn’t to compare notes and nor was it reconciliation she had in mind, but revenge. Tracy lured Donessa to a motel with the promise of kinky sex and, true to her word, proceeded to tie him to the bed and apply a blindfold. Three of Donessa’s illicit lovers who were in on the scheme then entered the room where they helped Donna superglue her man’s penis to his stomach.

Name and Shame
Facebook has all-but done away with the need to take out an enormous advertising hoarding, or even a full page ad in the Times letting the world know all the gory details of your cheating partner’s indiscretion. But for sheer grandiosity, Facebook is no competition for an advertisement overlooking Times Square, New York.


In 2010 businessman Charles Philips found his face billboards around Times Square, along with YaVaughnie Philips – the woman with whom he had been having an affair for the past eight and a half years. The billboards were thought to have cost around £150,000 and the person who commissioned them has never been named.

Those of a squeamish disposition should probably stop reading at this point. Website specialises in helping scorned lovers scratch the itch for revenge – quite literally. For a price the folks at CrabRevenge will send through the post a small packet of eggs belonging to the phthiriasis pubis.

For those who flunked classical Latin, that translates roughly as pubic lice. Strangely the website offers no advice on planting the eggs. My own is to make sure you leave home before serving up this particular slice of itchy revenge pie.

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