Dating Disaster: My Crush Wanted My Help With Another Girl


flirting doctor
It turns out he would date a nurse but not this particular nurse...

"When's the big day?" she asked Damon during the mostly quiet lunch. "Cancelled," he replied between bites of his sub. The medical student looked embarrassed to have mentioned the event and flushed a deep red. "No worries," Damon reassured her, "She did the same thing I did." All eyes turned to him in open curiosity. "She fell in love with a nurse she works with," he explained and then hurriedly added, "a male nurse, in her case for God's sake." A telephone bleeped at the station. With immediate work to do, the obvious question went unasked in the wake of Damon's mysterious reply.

Work grew steadily busier. "You off at 7 p.m.? Dinner?" Damon asked me, literally in passing. "Sure," I answered on my return trip. I spent the rest of my shift walking on air.


When we slid into the booth at the pizzeria across the street from the hospital, we were both still in scrubs and exhausted, but I could have worked another 12-hour shift just to be with him. We ordered a large pizza with a celebratory beer for me and soda for him.

The waitress left our drinks on the table and he began to fidget with the drink straw. "I can't believe it took me this long," he said. My heart boomed deep in my chest. "Me either," I answered.

"How do I tell her how I really feel about her?" he asked. I looked at him, shocked, to my now icy bones. "You've worked with her for a couple of years. Do you think she'd even go out with me?" He was, quite evidently, talking about another female nurse.

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