Rise & Shine! 5 Best Morning Sex Positions


couple in bed
Start the day off with some 'good morning' sex!

4. Shower sex
Every guy likes a good excuse to see your body within reach and covered in water. Just turn around in the shower and let him go for it — it will feel amazing to have his hands be able to access all of you while the water massages your skin, too. Not only will you be multi-tasking your priorities of getting frisky and getting ready, it also adds a sweet element of intimacy to gently wash one another's bodies afterward. In the event you have a mirror in your bathroom, take advantage of this by watching yourselves — it'll boost his confidence and yours to see how fantastic you two look in action.

5. Oral sex
Okay — so this isn't a sex position exactly. But it can be just as satisfying and hot as the rest of this list! If your guy has recently voiced a desire to be woken up by a blowjob and it's something you both feel comfortable partaking in, go for it. It simultaneously fulfills his fantasy and makes him feel irresistible — a combination that will pump up your sex life and his ego.




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