5 Ways to Keep Each Other In Bed


5 Ways to Keep Each Other In Bed

4. Plan ahead: The more you plan, the better off you will be. Call in sick the night before, or use that precious vacation time. Either way, an excused day off will clear your mind of everyday stresses, whereas an unplanned absence leaves room for feeling tense. You and your significant other need to take the day off together, and pack on the overload of affection and cuddling in bed.

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5. Massages: As relaxing as a day in bed is, a massage can make it even more soothing. Take turns giving each other massages and focus on the areas that bother you most. After a massage, you’ll be incredibly calm, and neither of you will want to leave your bed. To top it off, massaging is a guaranteed way to raise oxytocin levels in the bloodstream, which is a bonding hormone that will make you feel closer as a couple.


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