How Vendors Can Help Eliminate Bridal Headaches


How Vendors Can Help Eliminate Bridal Headaches

Bride’s Advice: Use an online booking system like Book’d to allow customers to book appointments online, minimizing schedule management time and making the bridal party much happier.

Do Something Different Here are other ideas a wedding vendor may want to implement to better appeal to a bride-to-be:


  • -For a venue: Create an online form or microsite that allows a bride-to-be to go and interactively view and select options for each decision (i.e. linens, food).
  • -For a wedding planner: Create an application that indexes all bridal salons in a given metropolitan area and then allows you to filter by budget, designers and other factors. (This doesn’t even exist in New York City, where I bought my dress!)
  • -For a florist: Create an email marketing campaign that shows off one style of flowers per week and educates brides-to-be on the thousands of varieties.


Weddings should be fun affairs, rather than the stress-inducers many of us find them to be. As a vendor who’s clamoring for business from busy brides-to-be, it’s to your benefit to find ways to make the process easier on both of you. A satisfied customer inevitably leads to a happier staff and a better bottom line.

Emily Eldridge is the CEO of Book'd, the clever online booking engine coming to market in October 2012, co-founder of The Agency Post, an international marketing community focused on collaborative learning and innovation, and also leads other entrepreneurial endeavors in the strategic communications and technology industries. Interact with her on Twitter.