When It Comes To Politics, Do You 'Stand By Your Man'?

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Studies say most of us don't care about political party when it comes to dating.

But how many of us would actually date someone with different political views from our own? Online dating site OurTime.com recently found that of the 2,258 adults who participated in their online survey, 62 percent would be all for dating someone who has completely opposite political views. When you break it down by region, it was in the South where political (and religious, according to another part of the survey) differences were less accepted. Down there, only 59 percent of adults were keen on the idea of dating someone who didn't share their political opinions, while in the wild-wild Northeast, 67 percent of people were open to this. It's not that big a difference, but overall it shows that Americans are pretty open to dating people of opposing beliefs.

Why, exactly, are we so willing to date people from other political parties? We know more than one liberal Red Sox fan who would never date a Yankees fan, but would probably be down with a fiscal conservative. Is it that we like a healthy debate at the dinner table, or do most of us just not care enough about politics? 


Do you prefer to date people of your own political party? If you're married or in a relationship with someone with different political views, how do you reconcile your differences?


*Why are so many Republican women blonde? Why? Of course there are the notable exceptions of Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, but not only haven't we seen a single non-white person at the RNC, we've seen very few brunettes. Somebody please do a study on why this happens. 

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