My Boyfriend Hates Me: Long Term Relationship Advice


Are you tried of crying at every song that comes on the radio and not being able to sleep?

My Boyfriend Heats Me Long Term Relationship Advice Have you called every single friend in your phone book and even consulted family members about the fact that your boyfriend hates you right now? What have you gotten in return? Probably no good advice and it has just left you more confused and led you down a path of confusion anger depression because you have no clue or understanding why he feels the way he does. At first you didn’t blame yourself because you were 100% sure that you done nothing wrong, but now since you have tried to make up and apologize for whatever it is that made him mad, and after nothing had worked you are left with blaming yourself for having your relationship fail on you. Very important that you don’t blame yourself or him, you must stay calm in this situation grab some level ground or else they will stay mad forever and you won’t be able to regain their love and the relationship will end forever. This will help you not lose them forever I know it’s so hard to stay calm when every time you close your eyes you see him, you remember all the good times and it just makes you cry and yell, when you sleep at night you toss and turn because you wonder if they will ever get over the way they feel and if there is anything that you can do to stop this relationship from falling apart. Everything you do makes you think of them, which makes it so hard to stay calm because you’re in such an emotional state right now, but if you over react to your emotions you will be certain that you won’t get your boyfriend back and the relationship will end for good. There is some reason they are upset at you, the crazy part is it may not even have anything to do with you what so ever.. Let me explain what that means. Your boyfriend hates you right now, but why does he hate you? Even if you did nothing wrong and the next day he just started acting like this blowing you off not talking to you, and telling you he is mad but he never really said he was mad at just you. Your emotions allowed you to think that his anger and his emotions were directed at you only which may not be the case. There is a good chance that something In his past may have set him off, or maybe one of his friends had put something in his thought process which is making him act this way toward you. You must be able to know how to handle their emotions right now and keep your emotions in tact or else they will just go deeper in their anger and stay away forever. You can get your boyfriend to stop being mad at you by simply defusing their emotions and getting them to see that you’re not the target, once you do this the right way they will calm down and come back to you saying sorry and flocking in to your arms. Your boyfriend doesn’t want to me mad but they have no reason how to stop being mad and as soon as you are able to talk to them where they would understand and look at them self’s this will resolve all this heart ache and pain you been dealing with. Once you have made them see that there is no reason to be mad at you, then you can go back to sleeping at night be able to close your eyes and not cry and think about how you might lose your boyfriend forever, you can now be held by them every night. See this next step how to get them to stop being mad at you. Go To Next Step


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