Circumcision Of Baby Boys May Prevent STDs, But At What Cost?


baby boy
Medical experts say the procedure can prevent STD transmission, but many families still oppose it.

But that doesn't stop the first-hand accounts of criticism; I have friends who say being with a circumcised man is cleaner because dirt gets trapped in the foreskin, although many (including me) simply say they don't have a preference.

I don't yet know how I feel about circumcising a future son. Judging by all of my single and childless friends' "Future Family" Pinterest accounts, our generation makes many decisions about our babies before we even get married — what color their nursery walls will be, what games we'll play with them, their names. But circumcision is an oft-taboo topic that, unless you're Jewish, usually doesn't come into play until it's time to make a decision. When the time comes, I know it will evolve into a serious discussion with my future husband and I, and I look forward to weighing all of the pros and cons. This new American Academy for Pediatrics report is definitely food for thought, and provides good reasons to be "pro-snipping."

How do you feel about male infant circumcision? Do you prefer circumcised or uncircumcised men as sexual partners? What are your experiences with men who have/haven't had the procedure? Sound off! 

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