Ten Romantic Ways to Enjoy The Last Weeks of Summer


Ten Romantic Ways to Enjoy The Last Weeks of Summer

By Nisha Ramirez for CupidsPulse.com

Summer’s almost over, and soon, the itch to leave your office and get outside to enjoy warm weather will be a thing of the past. Although being in a relationship during the cooler months is full of cuddling in order to stay warm, but nothing beats summer romance. Whether you met someone special this summer and you still want to create your own summer nights like those from Grease or you’re looking for a new romantic way to end the summer with your steady partner, you’ll find being creative is the best way to let the season end. Skip the clichéd beach picnic date and try one of these ten romantic ways to enjoy the last weeks of summer instead:


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1. Love is thicker than water: Grab a bag of water balloons and go crazy! Enjoy water during the heat while you can, because before you know it, the next duel you’ll be sharing will be a cold snowball fight. So where is the romance? Seeing each other wet and bouncing around is sure to inspire love touches and raise the level of heat so that the water won’t be able to cool it down.

2. Sweat is sexy: Playing a sport is always incredibly sexy. A great choice during the summer is volleyball. Hit the beach and wear your sexiest swimsuit and you’ll be sure to give your partner a heat stroke. Play on each other’s team for plenty of friendly camaraderie and don’t be afraid to sweat.

3. Take a cruise: It might be expensive to take a ride on a cruise ship, but don’t underestimate the fun you can have cruising around on a car trip. Driving is an all-season romantic trip, but it really rocks when it’s warm out. Forget the air conditioner and roll down all the windows for a warm summer breeze. Try singing along to every song on the radio.

4. Enjoy your own holiday: Who says Independence Day is the only summer holiday? Check out dailyholidys.net for last minute holidays to celebrate before the summer’s up. August 1 is Girlfriend Day and August 2 is National Night Out. Make it fun and promise to celebrate every holiday on the calendar.