No Contact Rule With Ex! Why Use It If You Want Your Ex Back!


No Contact Rule With Ex! Why  Use It If You Want Your Ex Back!
Not sure about no contact? Here's 4 reasons why you should use the no contact rule with an ex.

Human nature is to take things for granted when they're there, and realize what they miss when they're gone. The truth is that shortly after a break up your ex will only be focused on the negative things about you and relationship. Don't fool yourself about this. There was something that caused them to realize that you were not the one for them any longer. Something was lacking in the relationship that caused them to walk away.

However, it is also factual that these negative thoughts will disappear as time goes on. Give them enough space, and your ex just may start thinking of all the great memories about you and your relationship. You see, this cannot be forced. You can't convince them of this. They have to come to this place on their own, and it usually happens when they start to miss you.

Be warned, however, that just because they miss you doesn't mean they want you back. It only means they miss you as a person and the value you brought to their lives. Too many make the mistake of hinging their chances of getting an ex back only on their ex missing them. It's a huge mistake. Remember, your ex ended the relationship for a reason, and unless you remove what separated you in the first place, no amount of time away from each other will do any good.


These are just 4 reasons why you should use the no contact rule with an ex, and these reasons give a brief insight of how the no contact rule works. Once again, it's vital that you understand no contact as well as what to do during the no contact rule after a break up. Because so many have misconceptions about no contact and use this stage incorrectly, I've written a free ebook called The Rules of No Contact to help give you a step by step guide on what to do and how to correctly use the no contact rule with an ex. So if you're serious about getting your ex back, just click the link.


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