No Contact Rule With Ex! Why Use It If You Want Your Ex Back!


No Contact Rule With Ex! Why  Use It If You Want Your Ex Back!
Not sure about no contact? Here's 4 reasons why you should use the no contact rule with an ex.

If you're thinking these things, you're not in an attractive state. You're actually putting your ex on a pedestal and devaluing yourself immensely. Many people who use the no contact rule after a break up don't realize that the time away from their ex is supposed to be used to get rid of these thoughts and weaken their attachment to their ex.

The main mistake they make is that they cut off communication and pine day and night about their ex. I just went through a love forum and read some guy's online journal about the no contact rule. He was actually detailing it day by day and was on the fourth day. This is an extreme no contact rule blunder.


For one, detailing your no contact rule journey only puts your ex at the forefront of your mind. Huge mistake, and even though most people don't document their no contact experience, a lot of people commit this mistake of keeping their ex constantly on their mind.

You need to accept the break up. Not be in denial about it. Also, you need to work towards moving on from it. Space away from your ex is the time to get yourself back to an attractive place, void of neediness and desperation. You want your ex back. You don't need your ex back.

3. Keeps You From The Dreaded Friend Zone!

The debate about whether you can be friends with your ex or not still rages on. However, facts still support that it is nearly impossible to be friends with your ex if one still desires the other back. If two partners both agree that they're just not right for each other and should remain friends, staying friends with an ex is quite possible if both do not want each other anymore.

Remember that this is hardly the case, and usually one is broken up with unwillingly and still wants the other. Staying friends with an ex that you still want a relationship with is a huge mistake after a break up. Despite what proponents say, this is not being immature. It has nothing to do with it, but has everything to do with putting yourself and your happiness first.

As I've mentioned time and time again, hanging around your ex does no good when you are at a highly emotional and irrational state. Do you really think you handle seeing your ex dating around again. Do you really think you can handle hearing about your ex's adventures in the dating pool? I know I couldn't, and it would drive me crazy.

Too many make the mistake of thinking that the best way to get an ex back is to stay as close to them as possible like some parasite. This is far from the truth, especially if you have not given yourself the proper time to heal and move on.

4. Gives Your Ex The Chance To Miss You!

Believe it or not, but feelings for someone just does not disappear over night. There's a chance that your ex still cares about you. Staying in contact with an ex does not give them the opportunity to find out what life is like without you in it.

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