Does Your Womb Have A Vacancy?


Does Your Womb Have A Vacancy?

By David Wygant for Cupid’s Pulse

Do you love talking about the potential of having children in the near future? Is your number-one goal to meet somebody, just so you can have children? Quite simply, are you dating because your womb has a vacancy? Well then, you’re dating 100% wrong. Let me tell you something: women that think like this are women that will be raising kids alone.


How do I know that? Because I’ve been through it. Here’s some things to think about:

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All relationships need nurturing: Men, women, we all need to nurture one another. In order to have a great relationship with a solid foundation, the flow should usually look something like this: Man meets woman. Woman meets man. Woman respects man. Man respects woman. Man fulfills woman’s needs. Woman fulfills man’s needs. These are the basic principles of a relationship. We’ve learned it since the beginning of time.

When we first came into this world, our mom nurtured us. Our dads made sure all our needs were being met. Unfortunately, as we get older, we run into relationships where our needs are not being met, and that’s the problem. There are too many women running around with a biological clock ticking, wanting and desiring a family. So they start marrying men, and once the child comes, they are doing nothing to nurture their relationship because a child was the number one desire in the first place.

Are you one of those women?: Are you one of those women whose number one desire is to have children, because your biological clock is ticking, your womb has vacancy and all you think about is meeting a man to have a kid? Life doesn’t work that way. You can’t—even if you’re now in your 30s—rush a relationship for the sake of having children. What happens is simple: you won’t be laying a solid foundation, and you will get exactly what you wanted—a kid—but you will be with a man that you don’t spend any time nurturing and honoring. There are so many men running around in this world that have not been nurtured, not been honored and not received the love that they needed because they met a woman who had a womb vacancy.

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