Celebrity Couples Who Have Been Hurt By Their Own Stardom


Celebrity Couples Who Have Been Hurt By Their Own Stardom
Celebrity couples whose fame has negatively affected their relationships.

By Courtney Allen for Cupid’s Pulse

In wonderful world of Hollywood, maintaining both a long-lasting relationship and a fast-paced career is evidently a huge challenge. The jam-packed schedules and non-stop tabloid mania in the everyday lives of celebrities leaves us constantly wondering when the next split will be—the fact they are going to happen is a guarantee. Nasty rumors of deceit, unexpected flings with co-stars and stress from an intense life can make stardom a celebrity couple’s worst enemy. Unfortunately for these five celebrity duos, losing their battle to fame proved inevitable:


1. Kate and Jon Gosselin: Jon and Kate Gosselin first captured our hearts with their hit TLC show, Jon and Kate Plus Eight, which documented their hectic life as parents of sassy-yet-sweet twin girls and a set of adorable sextuplets. The Gosselins graced our television screens for seven seasons as they traveled the globe as a family, while we all hoped their marriage wouldn’t end like many of the reality star relationships that preceded them. But Jon and Kate proved no different as the show slowly revealed Kate’s exploding temper and ego while the tabloids unraveled Jon’s late-night getaways with other women. Years later, the two had one of the most public divorces in Hollywood.

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2. Rihanna and Chris Brown: Rihanna and Chris Brown shocked the world when their relationship began in 2008. In our minds, the singers couldn’t be a more perfect match, as they’re two beautiful and unique voices with stunningly-good looks. Things quickly changed after an incident in 2009 in which Brown allegedly assaulted the female pop star. The two have made amends since then and rumors of a new relationship have spread, especially after the recent release of their song, “Birthday Cake (Remix).” But due to their long-lasting tabloid presence and heated past, we can’t help but think that a second try will end in disaster.

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