Holding a Burlesque Party


Holding a Burlesque Party
Throwing a party with a difference? Then check out these tips for a burlesque style get-together!

Lighting is the main thing here. Unscrew all of your light bulbs and replace them with red ones. To outsiders this may look a little strange and you may be answering the door to a few unsavoury types but for the party, it’ll be worth it. Add to this by lighting lots of candles – cheap tea lights can be just as effective – to make your flat look like a sexy boudoir. Any throws that you might have in dark colours (darker is always better in burlesque) can cover up those boring tables and chairs, and if you have any male friends who are willing to drape themselves over them naked, serving tray in hand, then there’s no stopping you.

Ben Gallivan is a firm believer that burlesque is here to stay. He writes for Corset Story, one of the biggest corset and accessory stores in the US!

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