Jessica Biel: "Being Engaged Is Absolutely Amazing"


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The 'Total Recall' star dishes on her impending nuptials, killer bod, fear of aging and more.

Tell us about your role as Colin Farrell's love interest in Total Recall.
I saw the original film as a teenager. I don't really have a strong memory of seeing it. I didn't grow up dying over that movie. But when I saw it again, I thought, "It's such a fun movie." It was pretty clear we didn't want to have anything from that original film besides those few iconic bits like the girl with the three boobs. That's the fun. But the point was to see how we could make it so different. It's a different beast. It's kickass action, but also a love story. Colin Farrell Says Kissing All Of His Hot Co-Stars Is "Great"

You're in such awesome shape. How did you prepare for the film?
I did a lot of kickboxing and martial arts, plus yoga and weight training. I really focused on the boxing. Luckily, I didn't get hurt too badly. There were bloodied fingernails, bumps, bruises and scratches -- nothing too bad. I do love the discipline of doing physical movies and pushing your body to an extreme. The loving of it is also the hating of it.


Isn't the diet brutal?
Five or six weeks into the diet and this absolutely crazy training regime which is brutal, you're stronger and you have the utmost energy. You're not having a cocktail at night. You're keeping your body really clean and the toxins are gone. It's also really boring. You feel like you have no life. All you dream about is cake and pasta.

What did you splurge on after the shoot?
I had some fried chicken. I really went for it.

What were your girl-on-girl fight scenes with Kate Beckinsale like for the film?
I wasn't scared of Kate. But I was nervous because she has done so many action movies. I wanted to be up to par and Kate does action like it's nothing. I wanted to be a worthy adversary. I had to bring my A game. It's really cool to play a woman who is just as capable as the male character. 12 Celebs Who've Reunited Like Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel

We can't let you go without a beauty secret or two.
Well, Kate Beckinsale just stays out of the sun. I think she has never seen the sun! My problem is I do a lot of things in the sun. I do use non-toxic products a lot. I try to find ingredients that are rejuvenating for the skin and plump up your collegian.

Will you ever work with Justin in a film?
It would be great. I saw how Kate and her husband worked together on 'Total Recall.' It was beautiful.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I like to stay curious about life. I'm excited to explore and travel. I like to check out other cultures. I also love to snowboard.

Any goals for this year?
The most important thing is to find the best balance between my work and my life. I'm trying to make it more even. I think slowly, I've developed a strong sense of self. I have more confidence. I know it's fine not to try to be anything else but you.

Tell us: will you go to see Total Recall?

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