We're Hiring A New Parenting Columnist!

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Are you an experienced mom blogger? Come write for YourTango!

Calling all mom and dad bloggers and writers! We are looking for a new LoveMom contributor to write about the intersection of love and kids. 

LoveMom, our "mommy" blog/column, offers opinions, insights and anecdotes relatable to all those parents working hard to maintain their relationships (or dating lives, if single) while also raising a family. Single parent? Working mom? Stay-at-home dad? Please apply!

Please check out some recent posts to get a sense of the subject matter and approach of LoveMom:

- "5 Smart Ways To Keep Your Marriage HOT (Even Though You Have Kids)"

- "The Problem With 'Mommy Porn'"

- "On Nursing A Toddler: Why That TIME Mom Could Be Me"

We are looking for:
- an experienced freelance writer or blogger who has published clips (in other words: you need to have been paid for your work, though it's fine if your clips aren't about kids/parenting) and a strong voice 
- someone with his/her finger on the pulse of what's trending in the world of relationships and parenting
- a writer with a strong social network and the desire to promote his/her work to this network, as well as interact with the YourTango community via comments, etc.
- someone with online experience (i.e. you know how to edit images, use a CMS, etc.)

Please DO NOT apply if you do not meet the above requirements.

What the position entails:
- pitching ideas, as well as working with the LoveMom editor to brainstorm and develop ideas for your posts
- writing 1-2 LoveMom columns a week
- interacting with the YourTango community on the site — and outside of it through Facebook, Twitter and other social media — in order to build a conversation around your content

If you are interested, please send a resume, three (3) pitches for upcoming LoveMom posts, and links to three (3) published clips to: editor@yourtango.com

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