Subtle Ways to Get a Second Date


Subtle Ways to Get a Second Date
Ho to get a second date without being too obvious.

You can’t make a relationship off of all the right moves and impressive comments if that’s not who you really are. Being yourself should settle your nerves and show him that you're a genuine girl with individual qualities.

5. Don't mention the second date: Girls have had their wedding day planned since they were old enough to forget that boys have cooties, but marriage is usually the last thing on a guy’s list of things to do. If they feel you’re rushing into a relationship, they're as good as gone. A guy won't be afraid to admit that he had a great time, but leave it to him to mention anything about going out again. Even if he was already planning your next encounter, mentioning it before he does he could easily change his mind. In your head, you might think you appear to know what you want, but he might view you as controlling or clingy.


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6. Leave a little mystery: On a first date, never take things further than a first kiss. If he invites you to bed after one date, he's not a gentleman and he doesn’t think of you as a serious potential partner. Even worse, if you agree and hook up with him right away, you're likely to become his booty call, which can be detrimental to a woman's self-esteem. By denying him and making him wait, he'll realize you're a classy lady who demands respect, and he’ll be eager to see you again!

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