Kristen Stewart's Heartache: What Would You Do In Her Shoes?


Kristen Stewart sad
The actress is reportedly inconsolable and regretful after cheating on Robert Pattinson.

There is no excuse for her wrongdoings, but in her defense (just hear me out), what would you do if you were in her shoes? I know it's easier to say that you'd never let yourself be in her shoes, but say you have a momentary slip in judgment – afterwards, you not only regret it, but you can't eat, sleep or get out of bed because you realize how badly you've messed up. Are you damned for all eternity because you should've known better?

We all make mistakes, and like I mentioned, there is no black and white in love. What Robert Pattinson decides to do in this situation is neither right nor wrong – it's what's best for him. If he decides to forgive Kristen and mend their relationship, so be it.


As for Kristen: if the rumors are true and she's destroyed because of her actions, then she better believe she should shower, get dressed and track down R-Patz to tell him that she can't live without him.

At least, that's what I would do. Like her, I would probably hideout for a little in hopes that the fire would die down, but then I'd want to mend what really mattered most to me: a relationship I couldn't live without.

Tell us: what would YOU do if you were in Kristen's Converse sneakers?

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