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A-List Links: Zac Efron Strips Down In New Trailer


zac efron
This hunk of burning love is caught stripping down once and for all!
Plus, find out where Madonna and her beau were spotted & who is Kim K. accused of cheating on now?

Just when we thought Zac Efron couldn't get any hotter, he nonchalantly strips down to his soaking wet tighty-whities to get lucky with Nicole Kidman in their new film The Paperboy. The action has left us all hot and heavy – time to look for advanced tickets! (TooFab)

We must say, the Glee cast is looking gleefully bridal! Today marks the day in which Glee reveals its never-before-seen footage of the cast dressed as Bridesmaids! (Zap2It)

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Do you doubt Bachelorette stars Emily Maynard and Jeff Holm will live happily ever after? They are in love, right? Check out the reasons and clear your conscious here: (WetPaint)

Motherhood is supposed to be a joyous, uplifting experience ... says everyone except Kate Beckinsale. The busy British beauty recently revealed that motherhood has made her "emotionally raw." Er, what? (CelebrityBabyScoop)

Madonna shows the world that no one can rain on her parade! After a ruckus was blown out of proportion at the legendary Olympia Music Hall following her performance, the pop icon was seen out-and-about touring Vienna with her current leading man, Brahim Zaibat. (UInterview)

Even Olympians have celebrity doppelhangers. Check out the uncanny resemblance of Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps and Tom Daley and their respective look-alikes. (TheFrisky)

Looks like there's some food infidelity going on in the Kardashian home. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were recently spotted dining at Nobu, the restaurant rival of Scott Disick's new baby, RYU. (TheStir)

It seems like no one is enjoying the Summer Olympics more than the royals. See photos of royal couple Will and Kate cheering the competitors on! (Tressugar)

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