3 Ways To Avoid "Gray Divorce"


older couple
One writer reveals how to beat the rising trend in divorce amongst older couples.

Your marriage is an organic entity: it's either growing or dying. If you want your marriage to endure well into old age, make a daily decision to invest in it now. Be watchful over your relationship. Guard it. Nurture it. Whether things are going well or not, choose to make it a priority. Nurture Relationships and Watch Them Flourish

Too many couples reach the empty-nest stage of life to discover that they are married to a someone they barely know. Maybe you've grown apart slowly without realizing it. Maybe you've focused so hard on your children and careers and on accumulating stuff that you've neglected to stay connected to the most important relationship in your life.


The Bible describes marriage as "two becoming one" (Genesis 2:24). If you believe that is true, then when you fail to continually invest yourself in your marriage, you are actually hurting yourself. 

Commit to keeping intimacy high on your priority list. Yes, I'm talking about sex, but I'm also talking about fostering emotional and spiritual intimacy, as well. Make room in your day, every day, for genuine connection. Don't take the chance of waking up one day to find yourself alienated from the one you share your home and bed with. 10 Ways to Keep Intimacy Alive

A word to those of you reading this who have previously suffered the pain of divorce: My purpose in offering these suggestions is not to accuse or find fault regarding your past marriage, but to encourage you toward success in the marriage you now find yourself in.

By keeping in mind the higher purpose of your marriage, lavishing your spouse with selfless love, and consistently keeping your marriage and spouse a high priory, you can strengthen your marriage for the long haul and fill it with the kind of passion and intimacy every married person longs for. 

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