New 'SkyFall' Trailer: Is This The Sexiest James Bond Yet?

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Watch the new trailer for "Skyfall" starring Daniel Craig, and tell us what you think!

James Bond is all over the Olympics -- following up his hilarious cameo at the Opening Ceremony with a brand new "Skyfall" teaser trailer!

The new sneak peek, which debuted during the Games this weekend, really highlights in action in the new flick ... the 23rd official film of the 007 series.

The clip not only features steamy shots of James with both of his new Bond Girls (Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris), but also glimpses of him in action jumping from trains, firing guns and flying through windows on a motorcycle.

Watch the trailer now on TooFab: New 'SkyFall' Trailer: Is This The Sexiest James Bond Yet?

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