You're Single Because You're Stupid


You're Single Because You're Stupid
In a world full of so much disappointment, your Love Life should not be part of that equation.

So unless you would prefer an intimate partnership with your best hand and favorite Jergens over getting some real action, put a cap on your Lillith Fair shenanigans and remember that people fall for those who are HAPPY, not for the ones that HATE on the those who are happy.

4) You have High or Low Standards


We can not force ourselves to be physically attracted to what we are not, and it is perfectly fine to seek out certain traits for someone you plan to spend most of your days and nights with, but there's a thin line between desperation and those concrete get-the-hell-outta-here-with-those-insanely-unreachable-requirements. Being loyal, respectful, kind, devoted, selfless...the meaningful standards every relationship should hold. Appearance shouldn't be the most important, but you should care enough to pull yourself together decently like you give a shit. Sluts and players can't grasp this logic, but they have different motives over finding love so they can just be the poster children of everything you should avoid being AND dating for that matter. As silly as it sounds, I followed some advice once and made a list of every quality I wanted in a future husband. I never shared it with anyone else, I was just instructed to make it and then tuck it away for future reference. Not only do I still have that list, but my wants have all finally been checked off with pride.

If you act as a doormat and accept anyone who wil show you affection, you will only attract the biggest losers within a fifty mile radius. If you refuse to take a chance on someone who isn't your usual physical type or pick at small quirks that have nothing to do with their character instead of having an open mind, you will undoubtedly push away all viable candidates with a loving heart.

3) You're not riding on the same wavelength

Maybe you've found someone who catches your eye and you're engaged in the casual dating phase of asking questions and getting to know one another when you decide that not only is this person perfect for you, but you've convinced yourself that their laughter at your moronic jokes and seemingly sincere interest in your family stories are the green light approval of mutual feeling. The thing is though, some people just pay attention. Some people are just naturally nice. It doesn't mean they want to bang you senseless up against your headboard and bring you pancakes in bed the morning after. It doesn't mean they are already planning out your future wedding and deciding between a cat or a dog to compliment your suburban homestead for the 2.5 children you'll begin conceiving on your honeymoon.

Yes, there are folks who fall madly head over heels and do all of those things at mach speed, sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn't. One of the tricky parts we have to learn about new partners is what they are looking for and when they want to get it. Women are practically primed for matrimony and motherhood right out the gate when they fall in love. Men on the other hand, fall in love with the new and frequent sex they are having. Their big head will catch up with their smaller one if they really care for the one they're with, just not so often with where women are feelings wise at so soon of time.

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