Host Alex Miranda Dishes On The New Reality Dating Show, '3'


Alex Miranda and girls in 3
We get the scoop straight from the source on why the new show is like nothing else on TV!

Libby is a part-time rancher on her father's farm and a part-time commercial lifestyle model, so she balances the boots with the heels, and does both of them flawlessly. Her situation is interesting in that what she's looking for is very specific. She's looking for a "good Christian man," so you'll see whether that makes it easy or more difficult for her. I'm really excited for her to find what she's looking for because she has really narrowed the field down – she's done the homework on herself and she knows what she wants and I think that's great.

What's your role? Do you give the girls advice throughout the process?
Well Faye, considering you're one of my best girl friends, I think you know my role in this show very well! I think I was chosen because I love women – I have great connections with great girl friends, I care for them and I always want the best for them. What I do is different… I do update the viewers and the women on what's happening next, but I'm also their confidant and friend. I'm almost like the big brother figure… the girls always rely on each other, but I think that they also want the male point of view. I talk with them as a group and individually about how it's going, what they're feelings, concerns and fears are and we hash it out. I'm there for them and I also want to open them up to the journey so they really get the best outcome. Dating 101: How To Know He Wants To Kiss You


Does the season end with marriage proposals and engagement rings like The Bachelorette?
You can't marry someone by the end of a season of a show! Let's get real here! This show is about real life, it's not about television. We have shot reality, we have not created reality, so you won't find any wedding rings or roses. But, you will find three women truly looking for a connection. At the end of the show, you'll see who ends up with love or perhaps without it. If one of the women has chosen one of the men and he's chosen her back—because remember, love is a two-way street—then we're wishing them the best outside of the experience.

Do you think this trend of all these new dating shows is saying that it's harder to find love today?
You hear a lot about that theory, but I believe, and always have, that finding love is what you make of it. It's all about the approach… I think you just have to continue looking for it in the right places with the right people. If you look at the quality of a person as opposed to only looking at the person, I think that finding the one you want is much easier. You can't find love in a six-pack.

What are some of the lessons you want women (and men!) to get from watching?
The first one would be to be happy with yourself. Something that struck me was when Rachel said, "I lost my husband, but two years later, I am happy. I don't need a man in my life. I have my two children and that's all I need. I live a happy, fulfilled life." I'm thinking, "Go you!" I find that to be such a beautiful feeling to have about your own life.

Secondly, never try to fill a void. If you want a man because of x, y and z, throw that out the window. Work on yourself first and if you love who you are and what you're doing, you'll find that you don't need someone, you just want someone.

Finally, be open. That's something I encouraged these three women to do the entire time, because it's so easy to go by what we already know and are familiar with. I want to throw a quote out there that I heard yesterday: "Life is what happens outside of your comfort zone." That's why I encourage everyone to be open with themselves when it comes to dating, because if it hasn't worked already by doing what you're familiar with, then guess what? Chances are, it won't work again. So try something new and live life outside of your comfort zone. You will be completely surprised by what happens. 

Tune in tonight to watch Alex in the premiere of 3 on CBS!

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