Expectations Vs. Realities; Don't Be Your Own Worst Enemy


Expectations Vs. Realities; Don't Be Your Own Worst Enemy
No one ever has it the best, every stage in every personal life is different and unique.

It pays to shack up or marry someone with the same financial outlook who you cooperatively work with wisely about your income(s) over the devastation your pockets will see when things go south and you're taking each other to court over division of shit you accumulated together that you couldn't afford in the first place.

So there you have it, the ugly but real truth of what we want to see, and what is actually sitting in front of us. There are pros and cons to every stage of ones personal life. As for myself, I haven't been deterred by any of the choices that I've made in the past, as each has been a lesson shaping me into the wiser woman I continue to grow into. I'm flawed like everyone else, I share the same feelings as everyone else, and I have embraced having been on my own just as much as when I wasn't. The overall idea is to grasp what I profess to many as often as I can, "We are all on different roads leading to different places. We may want to go to certain destinations, but we may end up in detours, undesirable traffic, or going in a completely opposite direction we intended at the beginning, but we all end up where we were meant to go, when we are meant to get there."


Our thoughts have more power than we give credit for. If you gripe and moan that you'll never find someone and that you'll always be alone, you will do nothing but put that negative energy out there and cast an unnattractive shield around you that will keep you from being coupled up. When you want to be Single, in a relationship, or married, and you want it bad enough, YOU will make it happen. Fate only goes so far; no one else can make the life you want for yourself happen except for YOU. Alone or not, status is not the almighty proof of success. Life is about finding, doing, and going for whatever it is that makes you happy. What anyone else thinks of your dreams shouldn't matter, and neither should it whether you're together or solo when it happens. We never know how long we got on this journey, so go for your hearts desire, and don't ever think you need to explain or justify any of it. When you are lucky enough to be in a situation when it is right for you and it is genuinely good, then embrace and appreciate your good fortune, never taing it for granted.

We are all lucky and unfortunate throughout this lifetime, the last thing we should be doing is comparing each others courses, don't you think?

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