Expectations Vs. Realities; Don't Be Your Own Worst Enemy


Expectations Vs. Realities; Don't Be Your Own Worst Enemy
No one ever has it the best, every stage in every personal life is different and unique.

These findings are as follows:

When You're Single


The Expectations:

*endless nights of constant fun and freedom
* dates lining up around the block
* answering to no one
* feeling pity for your coupled/married friends (their lives must be so mundane)
* regular girls/guys night out rituals
* massive dating pool of winners at your disposal
* lots and lots of sex

The Reality:

* Nights of fun and freedom that often involve alcohol and stupid decisions

* Lack of as much dates you wish/thought you'd be having as a carefree Single

* Answering to friends about your latest date that was yet another flop, and to your families worries and concerns over what you may be doing that is keeping you single so long to begin with

* Regular girls/guys night out rituals are more often an infrequent occurrence as we get older due to the
natural progression of everyone settling down and creating families

* Smaller dating pool once you accept that the grand majority of your dating life is going to be full of everyone that isn't right for you, as finding 'The One' right away is rare. There's nothing wrong and unnatural with having to suffer through a few (or sometimes, a lot) of losers first before you find and appreciate when it's absolutely right

* Lots and lots of sex (or lack thereof) which can be unfullfilling, embarassing, regretful, addicting, and entirely overrated

In A Relationship/Married

The Expectations:

*long and steady honeymoon period
* guaranteed sex
* little to no fighting
* perfect balance between your partner, friends, family, and work
* never lonely
* do/share just about everything with each other
* pity your Single friends for 'not having what you and your better half have'
* constant happiness

The Reality:

* Long and steady honeymoon period followed up by the slap across the face reality that you're human the first time they do something insanely stupid that pisses you off to the ends of the Earth

* Guaranteed sex....that can dwindle, be amazing/horribly bad/too long/too fast/too little/too much, or straight up withheld by your partner once you've done that something insanely stupid that has once again, ragingly pissed them off

* Little to no fighting that becomes either regular or intermittent once the newness of your union wears off and you're completely comfortable showing your different sides and occasionally pushing the wrong buttons since being perfect and walking on eggshells to avoid any confrontation EVER becomes fucking exhausting

* An imperfect and ongoing struggle to balance your love life, your work life, and all of that time in between for friends and family. Being there for everyone and doing everything right all the time is just an impossile feat. Some days, you're just going to want/have to say No and make everyone else just a little disheartened. It's not the end of the world.

* Even with someone to share a couch, bed, and home with can't promise you'll never feel lonely. Especially as a woman, there are things a man just can't understand and help solving as the romantic savior in the story. We are all alone with our own personal thoughts/concerns/worries of the past, present, and future.

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