The 'Naked' Truth About Sexting!


woman hand mouth
Gentlemen, here's some advice you may want to take to heart — cool it with the sexting, alright?

Sharing with friends. Fortunately for you, male-sexy-texters of the world, the majority of college-aged women are decent enough to keep your dirty photos and words to themselves. So if you send a provocative photo to your girlfriend, chances are she won't share it with her friends (65.4 percent of women said they wouldn't). If it's a girl you're just hooking up with, however, be wary — only 38 percent said they definitely wouldn't show friends, with more ladies falling into the "maybe" category. Overall, however, 43.2 percent of the ladies said a naked picture of a guy is a turn- off; my guess is an unsolicited photo is a definite no-no, then.

Ladies, how would you react if a guy sent you a naked photo?