Better sex and how to have it!


Ever thought, god I hate this guys sex, but I love him. Here's The perfect answer for you!

Many people think sex is hard, it hurts like a bitch and they'd never do it. Well I thought that too until my girlfriend, whispered 3 words into my ear. Words that I never regret saying yes to. Let's Have Sex!


I love sex but hate the way I snog! How do I snog my boyfriend on the lips without having the horrible feeling of him thinking: I HATE THIS!?
Maria Tomlinson, 28, Engaged
Just try to make your snogs more rushed, like by snogging him against the wall with your hands on the wall. For men sometimes I say hold the back of the girls neck and pull in slowly, but if he does this too you, it's a signal he wants too be in charge of the snogging not you, so try not to get there.


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