8 Sexy Fragrances For Every Summer Date


woman putting on perfume
The perfect perfume, no matter your date-night style.

It's Friday night. Your lips are glossy, your hair is de-frizzed and fabulous, and you've found the perfect outfit. Now all you have to figure out is the right perfume to wear on that hot date. It has to make a bold statement for a sexy evening, yet can't be too overpowering lest you'll undermine the lightness of the season. Lucky for you, we've compiled a list of fragrances fit for all your romantic summer nights!

After all, according to our Irresistible You (IY) survey, the number-one item that makes women feel irresistible isn't lip gloss or bronzer — those are the no-brainers we would have imagined to top the list. A full 27 percent of women said it's perfume that makes them feel the hottest, followed by mascara (26 percent), eye shadow (25 percent) and lipstick (17 percent). Only 3 percent answered "bronzer," and 2 percent said "blush." So spritz on one of these sexy, irresistible fragrances — you're sure to find one that will match your personality.

PHOTO GALLERY: 8 Irresistible Perfumes For Sexy Summer Evenings

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