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'The Dark Knight Rises' star on intense fight scenes & stepping into his Batsuit for the last time.

The Dark Knight Rises is a pretty topical film about taking over Wall Street. Was it intended to be a message film about our times?
(Director) Chris Nolan has an uncanny ability to make movies topical. When the script for this final film was written in 2008, he had no idea that there would be Occupy Wall Street. When we were filming those scenes, I looked at him and said, "How did you know?" The character of Batman was created in 1939 during World War II. It was an answer to the uselessness individuals felt during this horrific time in the world. He was always a very topical character and Chris returned it to that.

Does your wife ever worry about you getting hurt in the fight scenes?
They are pretty tough fight scenes. We had one final fight scene between Bane and Batman that started on location in Pittsburgh and finished in New York City. It took forever. We just kept punching each other out. There was also the excitement of about 1000 extras around us. Everyone was punching each other. It invigorated Tom Hardy (Bane) and me.  He's the first adversary who can whip Batman's butt. We've never seen this sort of fighting before with a Batman who can lose. Christian Bale’s Wife Loves His Temper


What do you like about fight scenes?
The thing I love the most about these fight scenes is that you learn what Batman had to go through in order to defeat this man. It's not just two people punching each other nonstop. The audience can look for the changes, the weaknesses, the strengths as each of these men try to dominate each other.

In the end, what do you want people to get from The Dark Knight series?
I think these movies can be pure entertainment roller coasters. But, people can go home and think about them. It's more than entertainment.

Tell us: are you going to see The Dark Knight Rises, in theaters tomorrow?

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