Celebrity Couples Who Get On Our Nerves


Celebrity Couples Who Get On Our Nerves
Five celebrity couples who annoy the public.

By Daniela Agurcia for Cupid's Pulse

When two slightly obnoxious celebrities get together, it creates something much worse than either would be alone. Everyone knows of celebrity couples like these: when you see them, you just have to change the channel or put down your magazine. Sometimes certain couples make you want to scream, "Enough already!" Being one of these "power couples" can definitely be a bad thing. Whether they're obnoxiously "cute," painstakingly annoying, or overly pompous together, it gets to the point where no one wants to hear about them anymore. Here are some celebrity couples that we could live without:


1. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: At first, there was a lot of hype about whether Selena Gomez had Justin Bieber fever. Turns out, she did. The couple kept their relationship under wraps for a while, and even today, they still try to be discreet about it. They're that one couple that refuses to be open about their relationship, regardless of all of the cute and cuddly photos found of them or their occasional lovey-dovey tweets and quotes. Either be open about your relationship and act normal about it, or hand him over!

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2. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries: Even though Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian aren't together anymore, they were a couple that will be hard to forget. There was so much hype about Kardashian finding love and having the most extravagant wedding with the man of her dreams, only to have it all end 72 days later. The engagement, wedding and divorce flashed right before our eyes. Ultimately, the marriage was an all-time record, and one we wish would just disappear all together.


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