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We picked the 20 best Dating Disasters from Twitter's trending topic: #TheDateWasOverWhen.

Anyone who has ever been on a first date has come to the conclusion that most folks just shouldn't date. If that's never dawned on you, then YOU probably shouldn't be dating.

Earlier this week, a phenomenal Twitter trend really helped crystalize why some of you poor, poor people will likely end up alone. Enjoy.

Sometimes it's personal preference:
@SouthernsBest_ #TheDateWasOverWhen You told me you didn't like country music.

I sense a theme:
@princejw #TheDateWasOverWhen I caught you texting jake from state farm

@WizdomPosts #TheDateWasOverWhen I caught you texting jake from state farm.

@Krome_Dome #TheDateWasOverWhen I caught you txting Jake from State Farm.

No one likes a cheapskate:
@iBlackguy I guess #TheDateWasOverWhen I asked her for gas money

Some people are cool with infidelity and some are not:
@BigJohnTerry #TheDateWasOverWhen you told me you wasn't married, not worth it

@djbrandigarcia #TheDateWasOverWhen I looked at your FB status and it said "married"

@Relevanthoughts #TheDateWasOverWhen she say hold on my boyfriends calling

Some people are super scary:
@gr4sshopp3r #TheDateWasOverWhen the chloroform wore off.

Haters gonna hate:
@BakerBone #TheDateWasOverWhen you said grown men shouldn't eat Gushers fruit snacks

@KidSuave #TheDateWasOverWhen you pulled out the flip phone.

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