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7 Flirty, Irresistible Summer Makeup Trends


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Luscious lips are a must this summer.
Bold makeup trends that any guy will find irresistible.

What activity makes you feel absolutely irresistible? According to our Irresistible You (IY) survey, 41 percent of women find that putting on makeup is one of the activities that most boosts their self-confidence. On top of that, 40 percent of women say their eyes are their favorite feature, while 20 percent love their lips/smile. What does this mean? We ladies love taking care of our gorgeous faces — they are, after all, what visually projects our personality to the world — and we want them to look as irresistible as possible. To keep your face beautiful, this summer, here's a roundup of the hottest summer makeup trends — plus, tips and tricks on how to make them look amazing for you.

PHOTO GALLERY: 7 Irresistible Summer Makeup Trends

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