"I Love My..." 12 Stars Reveal Their Favorite Body Parts


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Take a page from these celebrities and embrace what your mama gave you!

It's hard not to notice how gorgeous celebrities are and how unattainable their perfect physiques seem. But even famous leading ladies love certain parts of themselves more than others. In fact, some are just like YourTango readers who took our Irresistible You survey and admitted—more than any other body part—they like their eyes the most!

From Jennifer Lopez's legs to Kim Kardashian's mega posterior, we're taking a look at what stars have embraced about their bodies and how it has done wonders for their spirits. While some of the ladies below had to work hard at this self-love, others have merely accepted their natural beauty, which is what we all should do.

Read on to find out these 12 celebs' favorite assets: 

PHOTO GALLERY: "I Love My..." 12 Stars Reveal Their Favorite Body Parts

Tell us: what's your favorite body part?

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