5 Reasons We Love Christian Bale As Batman


Christian Bale and wife The Dark Knight Rises
As we get ready for 'The Dark Knight Rises,' we explain why the actor is our favorite Bruce Wayne.

3. He's dedicated. Bale made a choice a long time ago to immerse himself in film and not theater. Bale once said on his success: "I would hope that there would still be a fire if I did feel like I had achieved what I'd set out to. But maybe what helps is that I have no idea what I've set out to achieve, so I'll never know when I've gotten there. And so I won't have a sense of having conquered it." Bale keeps learning new ways to be on fire – we love that!

4. He's still a mystery to us. The actor keeps his personal life so deeply secret, it's as though he's living his real life as Batman, too. He has never confirmed his daughter's name, Emmaline. and we know so little about his marriage to Sandra "Sibi" Blazic. It was actually his role in Little Women that brought him to his wife. The only thing he has really said about her is: "I have a very strong wife. She's incredibly strong and feisty, she doesn't take any nonsense and I love it!" His sense of privacy and his faithfulness to that gave him dimension as Bruce Wayne. Christian Bale’s Wife Loves His Temper


5. His own superhero is his father. How can we not love a sensitive man? Batman has two personalities as does the man who portrays him: a tormented hero and loving, good guy. Bale gives credit to his father for his good side. He once said, "My dad was a role model for me. He was a fascinating man. There was intrigue and entertainment growing up with him. He gave me an edict that I still pursue: 'Life should never be boring.'" Bale certainly created a Batman to remember, and one that's far from boring! We can't wait to see him put on his suit for the final time when The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20.

Tell us: Is Christian Bale your favorite Batman? If not, who is?

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