Love Bytes: Do You Bring Out The Best In Your Partner?


Plus, one couple inspired each other to lose hundreds of pounds.

You love someone. You don't want to nag them, but you do want them to be their best. How do you each burn away the fat on your souls (and bodies) to become all that you can be for each other? (YouBeauty) 

This couple inspired each other to lose hundreds of pounds. (The Stir)

There is a dude out there who will do it with any woman (we're a charitable bunch). The world's heaviest woman explains how sex helped her drop 100 pounds. (Huffington Post)

Is the first cut (i.e. love) always the deepest? (Good Men Project)

More surprisingly candid dating advice from men in their birthday suits. (Gurl)

Would you score your wedding cake at a grocery store? (LearnVest)

They almost went on a date; then he found out she was only 16. (CollegeCandy)

8 things dudes need to know before the first date. (Madame Noire)

What should she do when her boyfriend is texting other chicks all the time? (TresSugar)

The very silly wedding items no one really needs. (The Gloss)

10 secret confessions of regular moms. (

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