20 Slutty Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

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You won't believe some of these sex stories ... and frankly, we don't either.

Do you have an extremely slutty story? Well, it probably pales in comparison to most of what the CollegeCandy editors found on one Reddit thread. Some of our favorites: 

"I once moved my shoulder so that my hairdresser's boob touched it." (One of the least slutty stories on there, but we love it.)

"I work for a tuxedo company and was invited to a wedding I had been working with and ended up having sex with two of the bridesmaids and made out with a very drunk bride. It was possibly the best wedding ever."

"I lost my virginity to my best friend's dad on the side of a highway."

"One time, my wife and I had sex on a Tuesday night. We could hardly look at each other the next day." (Yessss!)

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