Lonely? 10 Movies That Will Instantly Cheer You Up


Finding Nemo
For National Cheer Up the Lonely Day, here's a list of movies sure to bring you joy!

4. Field of Dreams: With an awesome cast and an amazing story line, this baseball movie will not only make the athlete in you smile, but it will also make dreamers feel hopeful. We promise you warm fuzzy feelings, courtesy of Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones. 10 Sexy Movies To Beat The Summer Heat

3. The Lion King: If you don't like The Lion King... well, that's impossible. Watching this story of love, family, friendship and a talking Timon and Pumba mixed with awesome sing-a-long songs that you know every line to is sure to brighten your mood. Also, who doesn't want to see cute little lions grow into big lovable lions?! I just want to hug them!


2. You've Got Mail: Okay, so it's a love story. But the chemistry between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan is just heartwarming. This romantic comedy makes you remember what a love-hate relationship is like, how slow AOL email was, and how adorable a man and his dog are!

1. Pretty Woman: Men want her, and women want to be her... okay, well not her as in a "broke hooker living in a motel," but her in a "hot red head who lands rich stunning businessman who buys her a new wardrobe." This movie is sure to make you fall in love with these two and laugh along with Julia Roberts' amazing giggle when Richard Gere closes her hand in the necklace case. Fun fact: Snapping her hand in the necklace case wasn't in the script, Edward just did that on his own, and her reaction was her real laugh!

Here's to a brighter, happier you!

Photo Credit: fanpop.com/Disney

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