10 Scents That Drive Men Wild


10 Scents That Drive Men Wild
Did your fragrance make the list?
Men give us the lowdown on the women's perfumes and fragrances that turn them on.

7. Burberry Brit by Burbery. "I like Burberry Brit by Burberry because it reminds me of my girlfriend. It's nice, light and exotic." -Matthew, 21, Staten Island, New York 

8. Lavender. "My girlfriend uses lavender oil occasionally and I love it! It just makes me feel so relaxed after a long day at work." -Ryan, 26, Chicago, Illinois 8 Sexy Fragrances For Every Summer Date

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9. Chanel No. 5. "I'm attracted to women who wear Chanel No. 5. It's a sophisticated scent that turns me on." -Adam, 28, Brooklyn, New York

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10. Cool Water by Davidoff. "I really like when women wear Cool Water by Davidoff. It smells really light and it's not too strong. It can be worn year round and one spray is enough to last a lady the whole day. -Josh, 30, Long Island, New York 5 Fragrances That Make Men Drool

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