Sexy Wyclef...and Me


I almost became a groupie that night...

What's the female equivalent of a dirty old man? “Dirty old lady” doesn't have quite the same ring—but whatever it's called, I think I became one the other day. (What I'm thinking is more salacious than “Cougar.”)  Anyway, I'm a single woman-of-a-certain age. I date, and I prefer men around the same age as I am. I'll generally go 10 years in either direction, but I really haven't been that interested in much younger men. Until now.  What's more, he wasn't just much younger, he's a bit of a rockstar. Literally. So a better description of me on that night might have been "severely over-age groupie."

A friend treated me to a performance by Wyclef Jean --singer, musician, and all-around hot guy-- at City Winery recently. I knew it would be a fun evening, because City Winery is sized so that the performances feel rather intimate there. Before the concert, I wouldn't have called myself a huge Wyclef fan, though I like some of his music. I had met him years ago at an event when I was working at an ad agency, and I found him personable and handsome in a regular-guy kind of way.  But that's it.

That night at the City Winery, something came over me.  I went from "this should be a fun evening" to "OMG, this is amazing!" Read more:


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