A 'Tough Love' Letter To The Ladies Of Bravo's 'Miss Advised'

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Bravo's 'Miss Advised'
Although they're the experts, Amy, Julia and Emily are the ones who need help when it comes to love.

Emily: You've shown the most growth in this episode. First, you traveled to Michigan to spend time with your family, leaving your work behind for the week. Good move! Still, it was evident how much you need to reexamine your past, especially since you've allowed your parents' divorce to sabotage every relationship you've been in. But when you had the chance to date your childhood crush, you jumped at it with no hesitation. So in case you were waiting for a sign, here it is: This is your past, reincarnated. Now don't let it negatively define who you are.

Lastly, for the three of you – stop mixing your career-oriented ways with your love lives. Although we understand it's easier said than done, if you separate these aspects of your lives, you just might be able to find amazing men who love you just the way you are.


Until next time. We can't wait to see how everything plays out!


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