You're Still Single!


You're Still Single!
I've had many conversations with women & there is one resounding concern. Why am I still single?

This is the woman who has no standards and will usually do anything for every man who comes in her life. This is the woman who puts her 'man' before her children. This is the woman who is so scared of being without a man she loses complete site of herself. I like the saying that goes "When you stand for nothing you fall for anything." This woman has low self-esteem and no confidence, even if it's masked by arrogance. If you don't respect yourself enough then why should he respect you. Respect is earned not given. You can't earn it by falling for anything and everything. Fix this by setting some boundaries and standards for yourself and your dating life. Respect other people and their relationships. Married men are always off-limits. This is one of the most destructive relationships you could ever be part of. When you show respect for yourself, he will gladly give you the respect you command without saying a word.

5.You're A Liar. A woman meets a man and decides to give him her telephone number. During their first phone conversation, he informs her he is not interested in being in a serious relationship at that time. He continues that he is having fun and enjoys meeting and dating new people. The woman agrees to just being friends while secretly thinking she can change his mind once she gives him a little nookie or shows him how good of a woman she is. LIE! You told him you were cool now you want to change things in the middle. Not cool! That epitomizes playing games. You can't persuade a man into doing anything he really doesn't want to do. If you so happen to get your way, please understand this only temporary. He is already looking for the exit. Majority of men will tell you exactly who they are but we must learn to listen and believe what they are telling us. 'I don't want a relationship' means exactly that. Fix this by meaning what you say and saying what you mean. We don't like when men play games with us so let's take the lead and not play games with them.


6.You Rush Him. Everything is a process that must form in its own time, including relationships. When we go to the salon we don't want the beautician rushing on our hair because it won't look right when she's done. The same is true in relationships. You can't rush a man into being your boyfriend, fiance, or husband. Guess what, a baby won't make him stay either. Imagine this scenario; you are visiting a park for the very first time and as you stroll through the park you notice all the details which make it so beautiful. Now on the other hand, you could get to the park quickly rush down the path to the end and missed everything it had to offer. My point here is to allow relationships to form as they will. Fix this by turning your clock off, stop listening to other people's advice on where your relationship should be, and let things flow. Remember every person you meet is supposed to be a lifetime partner. Enjoy their reason or season in your life.

I am a lifelong student of people and relationships. These are just a few of the things I've learned along the way.

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