Real-Life Fairy Tales


There's a rising number of single women, though some still hope to change that.

As you probably know, many single women are single because they choose to be. Others, however, are more reluctantly single. They would like to be married but it just hasn't worked out for them...either a first-time go at it or a marriage that came to a premature end. Some of them politely (or not) "yell" at me that my single-is-ok mantra is over-rated.   They're managing being single but would really like to be someone's wife.  And I get it...kinda. Being single-not-married works for me though I do like being single-with-a-boyfriend.  So, I'm dedicating this blog post to real life, grown-up fairy tales that end with great women --all friends of mine--getting what they want.   Helping keep hope alive... Kacy is back with the man of her dreams...finally. They met approximately 15 years ago. They were both married to other people, but eventually found their way to each other.   In many ways, they seemed perfect for each other: both good-looking, savvy New Yorkers with big jobs and active social lives.  But then, somehow, he ended up married to someone else. Kacy was devastated. We all kind of were.  Over the years, Kacy dated but never found anyone who came close to Matt.   Life was good but it wasn't as good as it would have been with Matt in it.  She hated, really hated being single.  Fast forward to today: A now-divorced Matt reappeared,  they're back together, madly in love, and seem beside themselves with happiness. They're both older and wiser, too, so they know better how to navigate things this time around. It looks good. Read more:


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